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Horses kick up their heels for Sundance Kisses

Mountain Democrat Feb. 20, 2011

SHINGLE SPRINGS — This is straight from the horse’s mouth: Put these goodies straight into the horse’s mouth.

Julie Vance has come up with a delightful product called Sundance Kisses that has her wonderfully beautiful and gentle Arabian stallion, Dark Shai, dancing in his stall at the Sundance Academy here for a taste of the treats. Hand-made of rolled oats, bran, wheat, molasses and carrots, horses hanker for these treats, called Peppermint Kisses, Goody Gumdrops and Kookie Kisses (licorice flavored).

There’s no doubt they’re a horse hit, as Dark Shai softly nudged Vance, 49, when she failed to immediately open her palm for him to shuffle the kiss into his velvety mouth as she visited with the Mountain Democrat team. The big, black stallion patiently waited as she told her visitors about the love of her life — well, sure, her 50-year-old husband, John — but the 11-year-old beauty who stamped his hoofs inside his stall obviously has staked a claim on her affections.

“I’ve had Dark since he was 4, and he’s now 11,” Vance began, holding Dark Shai (pronounced “shy”) by a leather lead, turning to reveal the writing on her jacket: “Have you kissed your horse today?” True to her motto, Vance planted one smack-dab on her stallion’s nuzzling nose.

“He’s the most kind, amazing animal,” Vance continued. “I can take him into the show ring, and he’s perfect. On the trails, with other trail riders, he’s wonderful. I can even play ‘follow the leader’ with kids in the ring, and he’s perfect.” Read on >>

Sundance Kisses Handmade Horse Treats

Dappled Grey Feb. 1, 2011

Every once in a while Dappled Grey comes across a product or company that just makes us feel good and we knew right away that Sundance Kisses was one of them.

For starters, owner Julie Vance is just a bright ray of sunshine, so the company name pretty much fits her to a “t” (for treat, of course!). Handmade of healthy, all natural ingredients, Sundance Kisses offers three flavors of moist, chewy goodness: Peppermint Kisses, Goody Gumdrop Kisses, and Kookie Kisses (licorice flavored).

Made in the Sierra Nevada town of Shingle Springs, California, the treats have quickly become a favorite at Northern California barns and shows. Through Sundance Kisses’ automatic monthly shipment program, top barns like Sonoma Valley Stables and Patrick Seaton Stables ensure their treat jars never run dry.

Boutique-worthy, gifty packaging was one of Vance’s goals for the treats and we love the adorable 1lb square mini-tin or larger tin pails. (The 18lb plastic bucket is all business.) For all container sizes, Sundance Kisses can ship follow-up orders in refillable packaging – how cool is that? Read on >>

Sundance Kisses Horse cookie company adds colorful, tasty component to equestrian scene.

Riding Magazine Oct. 2010

There is a familiar component in Julie Vance’s equestrian entrepreneur story. She started her Sundance Kisses horse cookie company to support her horse habit, but the enterprise has become so successful that she has little time to ride. Fortunately, the response she’s getting from the equestrian community has been so positive and fun that she considers it a fair trade off for not getting to ride much.

Sundance Kisses come in three flavors: Goody Gumdrop, Black Licorice and Peppermint. Horses love their moist and chewy texture and people love their packaging. Polka-dots, ribbons and colorful labels adorn all containers. Best of all, most of the containers are re-usable. One-pound and three-and-a-half pound tin containers are adorable barn decorations that can be easily restocked from five pound buckets. The Trainers Circle program encourages clients to use their own cookie purchases toward cookie rewards for their trainer, while simultaneously cutting down on shipping costs and environmental impact. The program encourages barn mates to place three or more orders, which are packaged together and shipped directly to the stable.

The family-run company is based in the Sierra Foothills town of Shingle Springs. Sundance Kisses has become a favorite vendor at several Northern California competitions, most notably those at the new Sonoma Horse Park. The irresistible packaging pulls in lots of little girls and the scent of the all-natural, fresh baked cookies has drawn more than a few equine customers off course and over to the sample buckets in Vance’s picket-fenced booth. Read on >>

Constant Kisses Club Contest

Equestrian Life Jun. 2011

Two lucky Equestrian Life members will win a 3 month subscription to "The Constant Kisses Club". Horse treats will be shipped automatically to your home for three months. Prize winners will each receive a 6lb refillable pail of assorted yummy treats, Goody Gumdrop, Peppermint and Licorice Sundance Kisses.

About Sundance Kisses
Sundance Kisses™ have quickly become the favorite treat on the show circuit. All Sundance Kisses™ are handmade and baked with the freshest ingredients with no preservatives or chemicals. Sundance Kisses™ have been tested and approved by Foothill Mobile Veterinary Service and Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center. Read on >>